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Farewell Farringdon

The Guardian has left the building: one last image of the greyish monolith on Farringdon Road.

And if as a photographer you find yourself out and about in the vicinity of the new Guardian King's Place, we'd like a photo of it for our Freelance stock image library: see our appeal for what else we need from you.

THE GUARDIAN and Observer have just moved to a new site at King's Place in Kings Cross. Their operations will completely change. The staff will be re-organised into "pods", with the podhead making decisions about whether a story should be covered most prominently in print or online, or possibly with video and audio as well.

We understand that news stories won't go to a news editor anymore: they'll be submitted to the news podhead. Each pod covers several areas that are autonomous at the moment, but each of the sections that have become subsumed into a pod will have their own contact for contributors.

Things are still in transition at the Guardian, with a lot of Guardian people still not sure how the new system will work. Some sections will integrate faster than others. Most of the appointments in the new pod-style Guardian are listed at

Quality Street, the network for contributors to the newspapers formerly known as broadsheets, is tracking the changes and passing on the names of the new editorial contacts among its members as new information comes to light. They need you to pass on to them any updates on the new Guardian set up that you may have. To sign up, go to

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