Bearing witness to Yemeni journalist Saber Al-Haidari

ON THE morning of 16 June 2022 the assassination of Yemeni journalist Saber Al-Haidari was reported on news websites. But the reports subsided more quickly than for other such killings.

Al-Haidari was a freelance journalist working for several international media platforms. Unfortunately, like many journalists working in areas such as Yemen, his story did not receive appropriate media coverage.

Not only that, but some reports failed to make clear that this was an assassination of a journalist who had more than once received death threats from terrorist groups. These groups wanted stop his reporting that had continuously exposed them. Despite these threats he persevered in covering events in Yemen - one of the most dangerous conflict areas in the world at present.

Whoever blew up Al-Haidari's car is still free, and his honourable voice has been silenced forever. We, though, still can speak up. Maybe we can protect other journalists - or at least bear witness.

6 July 2022 The International Federation of Journalists reports that "Since the assassination of her brother, Nabiha Al-Haidari received tens of demeaning, abusive and insulting messages... Like her brother, Nabiha is a 30-year veteran journalist. Currently working at the Yemeni Saba news agency, she has worked in the past for the Al-Yamen Al-Youm TV channel as well as for the Jordan News Agency and CNN as a reporter." See the link below.