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The National Union of Journalists is the world's largest journalists' union, with over 30,000 members in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

Journalists who work mostly for outlets in the UK and Ireland join the NUJ, wherever they are based - the union has active branches in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

Members do all kinds of journalism, not just reporting. They include:

Book Editors
Book Writers
Crossword Compilers
DTP Operators
Feature Writers
HTML Editors and Designers

Picture Researchers
Public Relations
Script Writers

The NUJ provides the following services:

  • Legal advice and support
  • Publications
  • Training and training advice
  • Insurance advice
  • Representation in chapel, branch, industrial sector, national and international forums.

The NUJ organisation within a newspaper, magazine or broadcasting office is known as a "chapel". Freelances who regularly work there can join in chapel activities. There are also active Freelance Branches in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Members who are engaged in news-gathering get an NUJ Press Card. You can get a form to apply for the Press Card after you have been accepted into the NUJ. For reasons beyond the NUJ's control, it can take a couple of weeks after that to get the card. So best apply now...

Who can join?

Full membership is open to those who make half of their income from the above kinds of work - whether they are on staff or freelance.

The NUJ also offers reduced-rate Temporary Membership for those working to establish themselves as full-time journalists. Details and form are here.

Students on journalism courses can also get special reduced-rate membership. Your course should provide details - or send email to the Membership Department including your postal address.

To apply for full membership, please print off the Membership Application Form and return it by post, remembering to include the evidence of work requested.

Sorry, you cannot fax the form. The banks require a real signature in ink for Direct Debit mandates.

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Under the continuing legacy of the 18-year Tory régime, with its half-dozen "Trade Union Reform" laws, the union can currently accept membership applications only on paper.

Please print the four pages of the form, following the link below.

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