Join the National Union of Journalists

The National Union of Journalists is the world's largest journalists' union, with over 30,000 members in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

Reasons to join the NUJ

Equality: We fight discrimination in the workplace

Legal support: We win damages for hundreds of members each year

Press freedom: We defend threats to press freedom

Ethics: We have a code of conduct and campaign for media plurality

Training: We can help your career progression

Who can join?

Members include those who make most of their income from journalism and work mostly for outlets in the UK and Ireland, wherever they are based - the union has active branches in Brussels and Paris.

Members do all kinds of journalism, not just reporting. They include: * Book editors * Book writers * Broadcasters * Cartoonists * Crossword compilers * DTP operators * Designers * Feature writers * HTML editors and designers * Illustrators * Photographers * Picture researchers * Public Relations workers * Reporters * Researchers * Script writers * Sub-editors/editors * Trainers * Translators

How do I join?

You need to apply online.

The application form asks for the names of a "proposer" and "seconder" who are members of the NUJ. Do not worry if you do not know any: the Membership Department will work out with you what to do.

What will it cost?

No member should pay more than 1 per cent of their gross taxable income in NUJ contributions, subject to a minimum rate of £12 / €12.60 a month. Above that, subs are income-related: see here for current details.

The union's rules provide that full membership is open to those making at least half of their income from journalism. If you are trying to establish or re-establish yourself as a full-time journalist, yet do not yet earn half of your income from journalism and don't have another full-time job, you can join the NUJ as a "temporary freelance member". This membership has reduced benefits - for example you cannot apply to the union's charity NUJ Extra - and it does not entitle you to vote or to stand for committees.

Temporary freelance membership costs £72 / €75.60 for the first year (in July 2021). To apply for it, use the usual form and under "your work" select "Building or rebuilding a career in journalism".

Please email if you have questions.