Freelance Industrial Council

Freelance Industrial Council is the National Union of Journalists body responsible for policy and activity on matters of concern to freelance members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

FIC also co-ordinates services and publications for all freelance members of the Union, including:

For details of FIC's Model Claim for freelance terms in House Agreements, contact the Chair.

Under UK copyright law, journalists employed as staff have no rights in their work. It therefore falls to Freelance Industrial Council to deal with a significant part of the NUJ's copyright campaigning - including the campaign for our staff colleagues to have rights, as staff journalists in joined-up Europe and most of the rest of the world do. This includes support for:

Why the weird name? In the beginning, the NUJ formed "Industrial Councils" for the newspaper industry and the magazine and book industries. When it came to the time to set up a body for freelance policy, the easiest way to do it was to amend the amendment that established the newspaper and magazine industrial councils. So it's due to evolution, which is always a bit random.

Members of FIC are elected by freelance members of the NUJ in each region.