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The FA Premier League Licensing Scheme

THE NUJ is considering the potential for a complaint over the football Premier League licensing scheme.

The licences are issued (or denied) by Football DATACO Ltd, which acts as agent for the Premier League. To make a case we need to produce evidence of the extent of the problem. If we can collect enough evidence, we would then raise a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading.

Photographers whose applications have been rejected should answer the questions below: your responses will be forwarded to the Freelance Office.

It's in confidence

The NUJ will not reveal any details provided to anyone else without your permission.

If there are sufficient responses that the NUJ feels it will be in a position to commence proceedings, and you say you are prepared to give a statement, we will contact you using the details provided.

A: The Premier League licence

0 Did you cover Premier or other league matches professionally before the licensing scheme was enforced?
1 Do you have a licence to cover the FA Premier League?
2 Do you have an FA licence to cover the lower league divisions (Championship, etc)?
3 Have you applied (verbally or in writing) for a licence and been refused?
If so, please give details:
4 Have you had any difficulty in obtaining your licence?
If so, please give details:
5 Has a refusal to be granted an FAPL or lower league licence resulted in any financial losses or hardship to you?
If so, please give details:
6 In the course of any negotiations for a licence, whether successful or not, or any other circumstances, have you ever been abused or treated rudely?
If so, please give details:
7 How have rates paid for football photographs changed in recent years?

8 Have you any other comments to make?
9 Are you prepared to give a statement of your experiences if the Union decides to commence legal proceedings, or to be included in such action?

B: You

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If you get no response, please don't click again. If there's a problem, the system usually says so within 10 seconds, but it sometimes takes longer to say "OK".

The NUJ promises it will not reveal any information you supply here to anyone else, except with your permission.

Safety at work

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