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New Ways logoTHE NUJ London Freelance Branch has hosted two one-day conferences in central London - the most recent on Saturday 17 November 2012 - designed to help freelances broaden what they're offering, find new markets, enhance their skills and become more profitable.

"New Ways to Make Journalism Pay II" - subtitled A Freelance Lifeboat In The Perfect Storm - built on the success of the 2010 conference of the same name. It gave NUJ members and non-members invaluable insights from leading writers, photographers and commissioners about the way today's media have evolved, the new opportunities that have developed, and the techniques and tools that can be used to their advantage (despite it all!). See the 2012 conference home page.

18 Sep 2013

We have at last managed to overcome multiple technical glitches and posted videos of the 2012 conference.

Still from the conference video; © Tony Rizzo
Video as streamed from this conference (MPG format: there will probably be a pause before it starts playing)

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