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The late EMAP

It was EMAP which really got the copyright campaign going back in '95 with its notorious 'all rights, throughout the universe, in media yet to be invented' letter to freelances.

Sold business titles to Guardian Media and private equity group Apax in Jan 2008 and the rest - as far as we can tell - to Bauer.

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* EMAP corporate website

What did EMAP do?

Follow the link below to see the titles and/or channels that EMAP controlled when it was taken over. Roughly.

* What EMAP used to own

If any information appears below here, we have loose ends in the database: let us know, please. (Just checking: are there shareholdings still on file?)

More on this owner
(from journalists' points of view)

These are selected pieces about this media owner. At present most come from the NUJ's London Freelance Branch newsletter the Freelance, because it already has an extensive online archive.

Year_mo Title Source
2007_02 Q/Mojo digital deal done [Freelance]
2006_12 EMAP subs meet up 16/01/07 [Freelance]
2006_11 Healthcare ahoy! calling EMAP [Freelance]
2006_10 The Gong Elle & Grazia [Freelance]
2006_07 Q/Mojo working! new agreement [Freelance]
2005_04 Music to our ears [Freelance]
2004_10 The Gong Press Gazette & EMAP Performance [Freelance]
2004_08 All together now... organising contradictions [Freelance]
2004_08 The Gong Q: expenses from 20 months ago [Freelance]
2004_04 Performance performs agreement struck [Freelance]
2004_03 We're winning on rights not quite there, but advancing [Freelance]
2003_11 EMAP Healthcare dispute settled [Freelance]
2003_10 In dispute... [Freelance]
2003_10 Emap's tiny terror and an answer [Freelance]
2003_08 Watch out for EMAP plans [Freelance]
2003_07 Meetings mean money the importance of being networked [Freelance]
2003_06 Mojo keeps working agreement at EMAP [Freelance]
2002_11 EMAP pays up settles dispute [Freelance]
2002_10 EMAP - pay up! disputes news [Freelance]
2002_10 Work that ol' Mojo... freelances submit claim [Freelance]
2002_07 Terms tested members keep their work [Freelance]
2000_11 EMAP pays up, oddly and raises ethical questions [Freelance]
2000_03 If you don't ask you don't get EMAP Healthcare freelances do and do [Freelance]
1999_03 Emap Metro - the real deal non-talks produce a real-result [Freelance]
1999_01 E-mapping a way forward... We have an agreement at Emap Healthcare [Freelance]
1998_08 Healthcare freelances break new ground freelance group's resistance turns to talks [Freelance]
1998_01 EMAP health freelances network takeover galvanises hacks [Freelance]
1995_01 Fierce contracts come thick and fast the historic headline at the start of the UK copyright battle [Freelance]

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