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With the agreement on rates in September 2001, the NUJ's concord with GMG over freelances' rights is formalised. We're now working with the Group on ways of increasing "spot sales" - from which freelances receive income - and phasing out the old blanket lifting deals.

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What does Guardian Media Group do?

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What does Guardian Media Group have to say for itself? Visit its corporate website - the one with real information for money people, not the one for punters - linked below.

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Who owns Guardian Media Group?
What else does it have a stake in?

Below is information gathered up to 2014-08-19 on shareholdings in and by this media owner.

Known media shareholdings - click ? to email the informant
2000_07: _GMG held a 'substantial' stake in _GoldR [source? 2
2000_07: _GMG held a small stake in _PA [source? 3
2000_01: _GMG held a 'substantial' stake in _RIL [source? 4

More on this owner
(from journalists' points of view)

These are selected pieces about this media owner. At present most come from the NUJ's London Freelance Branch newsletter the Freelance, because it already has an extensive online archive.

Year_mo Title Source
2014_07 Hacked Off Guardian petition consider signing [Freelance]
2014_05 Guardian Derisory? Get in touch [Freelance]
2013_07 User-generated what? Guardian sponsored slush slammed [Freelance]
2013_01 Twitter pictures in spotlight following helicopter crash [Guardian]
2012_12 Atex anecdata? Credits required, aren't they? [Freelance]
2012_12 Guardian/Observer freelances get in touch [Freelance]
2012_11 Guardian/Observer freelances get in touch now! [Freelance]
2012_02 Strike alert Reuters, Trinity Mirror, Guardian, FT... [Freelance]
2011_04 Guardian rate rise [Freelance]
2011_03 Guardian rates rise two per cent up, including freelance rates [Freelance]
2010_11 Clarify that comment is not for free [Freelance]
2010_08 Guardian cuts responses [Freelance]
2010_06 Guardian la lucha continua [Freelance]
2010_04 Bills of change invoice now! [Freelance]
2010_02 If you do shifts at the Guardian, get in touch [Freelance]
2009_10 Guardian ‘day of rest’ for photographers watch for date [Freelance]
2009_10 Guardian ‘day of rest’ for photographers press releases [Freelance]
2009_09 Insert protest here at the Guardian [Freelance]
2009_08 Photographers challenge Guardian rights grab demo 01/09/09 [Freelance]
2009_08 Guardian freelances in action [Freelance]
2009_06 Calling Guardian freelances chapel meeting 25/06/09 [Freelance]
2009_03 Guardian Media Group bursaries deadline 02/03/09 [Freelance]
2009_01 Guardian imagery licence yes, it's voluntary [Freelance]
2009_01 The pod people are here! at the Guardian [Freelance]
2008_03 An elegant solution on rates [Freelance]
2008_03 Guardian progress [Freelance]
2008_02 Photographers say Guardian is misleading on deal [EPUK]
2008_02 Archive I've not been paid for forgetful Guardian [Freelance]
2008_01 Guardian strikes multimedia deal [Freelance]
2008_01 Guardian warning archive demand [Freelance]
2007_12 Standing up for journalism we go video! [Freelance]
2007_12 Quality meet 06/12/07 [Freelance]
2007_11 Comment is frequently bad-tempered Guardian's Comment is Free blog [Freelance]
2007_09 Comment is seemingly at a lower rate for blogs [Freelance]
2007_08 Guardian demons [Freelance]
2007_07 Like convergence, touched for the very first time [Freelance]
2006_11 Strike alerts Telegraphs & Guardian [Freelance]
2006_11 New deals at the Guardian [Freelance]
2006_06 The pitiful slaves of showbiz Libby Purves comment [Times]
2006_02 Posh paper people's place network meetup 20/04/06 [Freelance]
2006_02 A Guardian non-exclusive! snappers' licence [Freelance]
2005_12 Nine days to save a Manchester mag protest 02/12/2005 [Freelance]
2005_12 City Life in the balance Manchester meanies - write now! [Freelance]
2005_12 Guardian rise new agreed minimum [Freelance]
2005_07 Journalists are all overpaid, right? discuss - at the Commons [Freelance]
2005_07 Paul Foot Award [Freelance]
2005_06 Sell it again, Sam syndication sagas [Freelance]
2005_04 Time for a treasure hunt Guardian looses grip [Freelance]
2004_11 Racism in the age of globalisation talk 28/10/04 [Freelance]
2004_11 Guardian deal [Freelance]
2004_11 MEN make peace dispute settled [Freelance]
2004_10 Guardian deal [Freelance]
2004_10 MEN behaving badly support sought [Freelance]
2003_12 Digital deal at the Guardian [Freelance]
2003_11 Guardian willing to talk on online edition [Freelance]
2003_07 Guardian and Independent networks meet [Freelance]
2002_07 Terms tested members keep their work [Freelance]
2002_06 Lancashire strike won [Freelance]
2002_05 D'you want fries with that story? [Freelance]
2001_10 Guardian contract `optional' says Managing Editor [Freelance]
2001_09 Guardian rates rise [Freelance]
2001_05 We can work it out talks with the Guardian make progress [Freelance]
2001_03 Lifting rights and uplifting rights progress at the Guardian [Freelance]
2001_01 Rights-grab resistance roundup and contacts [Freelance]
2000_08 A journalist's desk is her castle Court protects sources [Freelance]
1999_09 Guardian: it's down to muck and brass [Freelance]
1999_03 What will the Guardian deal mean? [Freelance]
1999_03 Guardian: we keep copyright [Freelance]
1998_07 © @ the Guardian... [Freelance]

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